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  • samedi 18 mai 2019
  • Wolfram|Alpha at 10

    The Wolfram|Alpha Story Today it’s 10 years since we launched Wolfram|Alpha. At some level, Wolfram|Alpha is a never-ending project. But it’s had a great first 10 years. It was a unique and surprising achievement when it first arrived, and over its first decade it’s become ever (...)
  • jeudi 16 mai 2019
  • The Art of Connecting the Dots with the Wolfram Language

    Connect the dots. It was exciting to draw from number to number until the sudden discovery of a hidden cartoon. That was my inadvertent introduction to graph theory very early in school. Little did I know adults used the same concept to discover hidden patterns to solve problems, such as (...)
  • Neural Networks: An Introduction

    If you haven’t used machine learning, deep learning and neural networks yourself, you’ve almost certainly heard of them. You may be familiar with their commercial use in self-driving cars, image recognition, automatic text completion, text translation and other complex data analysis, but you can (...)
  • Announcing the Wolfram Client Library for Python

    Get Full Access to the Wolfram Language from Python The Wolfram Language gives programmers a unique computational language with an enormous array of sophisticated algorithms and built-in real-world knowledge. For many years, people have asked us how to access all the power of our technology (...)