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  • mardi 17 septembre 2019
  • From Data to Insights: An Online Course for Learning the Multiparadigm Workflow

    Our interactive Multiparadigm Data Science (MPDS) course has been up at Wolfram U for over a month now, and we’re pretty satisfied with the results so far. Hundreds of people have started the course—including students from our first Data Science Boot Camp, who joined us at Wolfram headquarters (...)
  • jeudi 12 septembre 2019
  • jeudi 5 septembre 2019
  • Authorship Forensics from Twitter Data

    A Year Ago Today On September 5 of last year, The New York Times took the unusual step of publishing an op-ed anonymously. It began “I Am Part of the Resistance inside the Trump Administration,” and quickly became known as the “Resistance” op-ed. From the start, there was wide?ranging speculation (...)
  • mercredi 4 septembre 2019
  • Applying Multiparadigm Data Science: New Wolfram U Course

    Wolfram U’s latest interactive course, Multiparadigm Data Science, gives a comprehensive overview of Multiparadigm Data Science (MPDS) through a series of videos, quizzes and live computations, all running from the Wolfram Cloud. Using real-world examples, this free course provides an (...)
  • jeudi 29 août 2019