Sur le Web ces 30 derniers jours

  • vendredi 8 novembre 2019
  • Building a Lattice Boltzmann–Based Wind Tunnel with the Wolfram Language

    My student days learning fluid dynamics were all about studying complicated equations and various methods of simplifying and manipulating these equations to get some kind of a result. Unfortunately, this left very little to the imagination when it came to getting an intuitive feel for how a (...)
  • jeudi 7 novembre 2019
  • Wolfram Technology Conference 2019: It’s a Wrap!

    It’s been a whirlwind week of talks, training, workshops, networking and special events, and we’ve just closed another successful Wolfram Technology Conference! The week offered a multitude of opportunities for attendees and internal staff alike to connect, learn and enjoy unique experiences one (...)
  • mardi 5 novembre 2019
  • Advanced Computation for Spreadsheets: Wolfram CloudConnector for Excel

    Microsoft Excel is among the most popular tools in the world. For non-technical and advanced users aspiring to extend beyond Excel’s built-in feature set, we’re proud to announce the easiest and most productive tool for doing so: Wolfram CloudConnector for Excel, now available to anyone running (...)
  • mardi 29 octobre 2019
  • lundi 28 octobre 2019
  • The New World of Notebook Publishing

    Wolfram Notebooks on the Web We’ve been working towards it for many years, but now it’s finally here: an incredibly smooth workflow for publishing Wolfram Notebooks to the web—that makes possible a new level of interactive publishing and computation-enabled communication. You create a Wolfram (...)
  • jeudi 10 octobre 2019
  • Announcing the Rule 30 Prizes

    The Story of Rule 30 How can something that simple produce something that complex? It’s been nearly 40 years since I first saw rule 30—but it still amazes me. Long ago it became my personal all-time favorite science discovery, and over the years it’s changed my whole worldview and led me to all (...)