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Freinage magnétique - [Apprendre en ligne]
Freinage magnétique

Magnetic braking applied to a rotating metallic disk.

Article mis en ligne le 7 janvier 2017

When an electrical conductor, such as copper or aluminum, moves through the field of a permanent magnet or an electromagnet, electromagnetic induction creates eddy currents, which dissipate some of the kinetic energy into Joule heat and results in slowing the motion of the conductor. This principle is utilized in the construction of magnetic brakes. This Demonstration shows magnetic braking applied to a rotating metallic disk. This might, for example, serve to control resistance to motion in exercise machines. Magnetic braking can also find applications in roller coasters and railroad trains, in which the metallic conductor has the shape of a linear rail. In contrast to conventional friction brakes, there is no direct contact between interacting surfaces, which makes magnetic braking more reliable and reduces wear and tear.